Research and Insights Practice

D2 Analytics Search Partners provides expert executive search services for our clients in wide range of business including telecommunications, consumer & retail, energy, financial services, healthcare and technology industries, engaged in diversified areas of research. We find and deliver intelligent qualitative and quantitative research professionals that help our clients make business decisions with complete and total confidence.

Apart from off-the-shelf executive search services in research and insights, D2 Analytics Search Partners also provides customized and specialized search services that allow our clients to hire expert researchers at the lesser price and significantly reduced lead time.

We believe we are ideally positioned to successfully undertake and deliver executive search assignments because, in our unparalleled experience, we have acquired and refined:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the Research and Insights business, industries, companies and senior industry leaders
  • An insightful understanding of the impact players, their skill sets and their global demand and supply
  • An extensive network of over 15,000 plus primary contacts in global research, insights and analytics industry

Our Research and Insights search expertise includes:

Research and Insights

Quantitative Research and Insights

Quantitative Research and Insights

D2 Analytics Search Partners combines its in-depth expertise in capital markets, financial services and investment banking coupled with its wide industry connections in applied mathematics, statistics, econometrics, analytics and research, to deliver world class leadership solutions and executive insights in Quantitative Research to its diversified clients ranging from asset management firms, investment banking, brokerage firms, and other quant consulting firms.

Operations Research and Insights

D2 Analytics Search Partners provides a wide range of leadership hiring in Operations Research and related fields. We deal with expert mathematical and computational researchers in the areas of continuous, discrete and stochastic optimization, mathematical programming, dynamic programming, stochastic processes, stochastic models, simulation methodology, control and adaptation, networks, game theory, decision theory and machine learning.

Marketing Research and Insights

Marketing Research and Insights

Whether you are creating a new brand, repositioning an existing one or launching an ad campaign, a combined qualitative and quantitative research help you isolate the most persuasive way to reach your potential market segment. At D2 Analytics Search Partners, blended with our deep industry expertise, we provide a comprehensive range of talent solutions for marketing research and insights, that takes the guesswork out of your marketing strategy and provide your creative, marketing and sales staff with meaningful results that drive confident business decisions. Our talent search expertise in marketing research and insights includes:

  • Customer Experience Research and Consumer Insights
  • Marketing and Ad Effectiveness
  • Business Performance Research and Social Media Monitoring
  • Loyalty Research and Insights
  • Brand Research and Strategy
  • Communications Research

Product Development Research

As many as nine out of ten new product launches fail, mainly due to lack of in-depth research in its early stages of conception and ideation, which ensures the product is likely to succeed before it is launched.

D2 Analytics Search Partners addresses the toughest hiring challenges of clients in product development research consulting and diversified businesses who are engaged in new product development.

Product Development Research